About Andrea

Andrea Brigitte Klee

Andrea Brigitte Klee

Andrea Brigitte Klee is a trainer, consultant and entrepreneur who supports small business owners in creating their dream business. As a Barbara Sher Coach, Andrea has experience in helping clients realize dreams and build a business that they love, even if they feel that they have too many interests.

Many business owners don’t know how to get a business off the ground that incorporates their life purpose and their unique talents. Therefore, most of them don’t start at all, or begin in a direction that is not truly theirs which doesn’t allow them to become happy and fulfilled.

As an award-winning Mathematician with minor in Biology, Andrea has been trained in convergent and divergent thinking, and in problem-solving methods. Her path as a karate black belt and trainer allowed her to develop innovative business ideas and strategies.

Andrea uses these methods and strategies in her workshops to inspire her audience by offering very helpful exercises and by giving revelatory insights. With her background in creativity, speaking, energy work and entrepreneurship, she supports her clients in thriving on fresh and compelling business ideas.