What clients say about Andrea:

“Amazing workshop again Andrea. I love how your work builds on past work. In one hour you made me cry, laugh, and also have a deep sense of peace. Truly Amazing. Thank you.” ~Shelley Wood

“I really liked how you started this call with the karate principle of directing the fight and how it built right on to awareness. Great call! Andrea, you had some very good exercises!” ~Kimberly Stewart

“What I like most about your workshops is that you have the ability to recognize my obstacles, to work on them and to dissolve them. Moreover, I get to know my inner wishes, my impossible dreams and my desires. Andrea, you showed me ways of how these wishes can come true.” ~Christa Barbara

“Thanks Andrea – I truly feel more in touch with my essence and self after your workshop. What a helpful space you created for us to share and connect. Well done!” ~Christine Persche

“I went ahead and did the exercises anyway, what a powerful process. Thanks Andrea.
Keep going – you are doing amazing work!” ~Karenmary Welsh

“Thank you, Andrea, your powerful session reminded me how much I love walking in nature as compared to going for a walk through the suburban streets. As soon as the call was over I went for a walk down to the beach. Bliss. I’m now refreshed and ready for the working day. And tonight I intend to finish the day with a walk along the bush track that I love!” ~Sharon McGann

“Andrea, what is brilliant about you is the way you have deep, deep listening skills and you give amazing, revelatory insights. You also offer your exercises splendidly. They are very clear, welcoming and joyful. You radiate that we are going to have a good time here.” ~Janice Dean