Fall Workshop

Dare Your Business Leap

Daring to Fly

Daring to Fly

In this workshop, Andrea will support you in creating a business that gives you a sense of purpose and joy. No matter whether you can’t get to start your business, or you feel that you are heading into the wrong direction, this workshop will help you gain clarity.

Putting the puzzle pieces together, you will develop a vision of a business that is in alignment with who you are and that gets your customers the transformation they are looking for.

In this workshop, you will…
• Find your talents and shift to following your genius
• Get clear on your life purpose
• Figure out your target market and niche
Gain clarity about what urgent problem you would love to solve for people in your target audience

This workshop is for you, if you want to…
1. Get your business off the ground in the direction of your gifts and of your life purpose.
2. Gain clarity on your target audience and deliver a solution that solves their problem.
3. Be able to get your gifts out into the world in a big way.

Imagine, you will get to transform your customer’s lives to the better and get paid for it!
You will feel so much more energetic and enthusiastic because you doing what you are meant to do!
Eventually, you will get your life balanced by choosing when and how much you work! Isn’t this awesome?

If you are not sure whether you should sign up for this course, ask yourself

“What’s the cost do you if you don’t sign up?”

• You might be spending your lifetime in a job that you don’t love, and that might be toxic which can lead to stress, burnout and ill health.
• You might not get your business off the ground so that you won’t get to transform your ideal clients.
• You might end up being doubtful about what direction to take. This means to get stuck and not to earn the money that you deserve by delivering a valuable transformation to your clients.

Workshop Time-Table:

Session 1: Identifying Your Target Audience and Your Niche
Session 2: Exploring Your Unique Talents
Session 3: Discovering Your Life Purpose
Session 4: Creating Innovative Business Ideas

Duration: 60-90 minutes per Session including time for Q&A
Location: Conference call via phone
Dates: October 26 to November 16 (Wednesdays), 9 pm CET

Dare Your Business Leap