Coaching Session

“Andrea’s coaching and relaxed demeanor led me to discover new insights about my myself, and my life.”

Design the life of your dreams or create your own business with Andrea’s guidance. Discover your talents and purpose, set and accomplish your goals, and move past resistance in her inspirational coaching sessions. By using interactive techniques such as wish and obstacle, your ideal moment, the oracle and the self-correcting scenario, you will be in the position to create the life or business of your choice.

Andrea offers personal development coaching sessions which are highly influenced by the teachings of Barbara Sher. Be it your own personal development or the development of your business, Andrea can support you. Her inspirational coaching sessions are based upon values intrinsic to her practice, mutual trust and understanding. She listens efficiently and selects gracefully the stone of wisdom which will support you in achieving your dreams.

“Think creatively and move forward.”

As soon as you will tap into the wells of creativity within, you will find that effortlessly, fresh and compelling ideas will float to the surface of your conscious mind. Andrea’s training helps you to see how the essence of each new idea has the potential to contribute to a larger solution. Through being open and relaxed in this process, you can go from thinking of a lousy idea, to becoming aware of an awesome idea that provides a great solution for your current challenge.

In Andrea’s sessions, the inspiring atmosphere she encourages allows you to release the current limitations of your thinking and get in touch with your creative self. You will see just how much more is possible when you are using personalized creative methods to develop ideas for your personal life, to solve problems or to improve your business.

Andrea’s coaching specialties are:
– Multipotential personalities (“Scanners”)
– Building self-confidence
– Martial Arts strategies (“Karate”)
– Leadership and communication
– Business consultation

Andrea offers coaching via Skype or telephone.

“Do What Empowers You.”

When you attend a coaching session, you are likely to have a new perspective. You get authentic and well-thought-out feedback, that has been invaluable to past clients’ success. In a coaching session, you will benefit from the hands-on, solution-oriented approaches originally created by author and life coach Barbara Sher, whom Andrea has studied for more than a decade.

Andrea suggests doing what empowers you, instead of giving your power away to others. Her coaching empowers clients, as they are able to witness their own personal insights and development throughout the process. Whenever you want to make progress, feel you need to seek support, or find yourself stuck in a rut, getting a personal development coach is a good idea. The main purpose of any coaching session is to make you stronger, so that you can handle any challenge with confidence.

“Do the right thing at the right time.”

As a karate instructor, Andrea has studied timing for many years since it normally means the difference between whether you remain standing, or fall by the end of the fight. Timing is essential to your success whenever you strive to accomplish a goal. When you act too quickly, you miss the opportune moment to achieve your goal. When you wait too long to act, you later realize that you missed your window of opportunity.

Seek the expert opinion of someone who has an eye for the bigger picture. Andrea’s expert opinion and eye for the bigger picture can help you to gain perfect timing.

Invest in yourself or in your business by signing up for an inspirational session with Andrea.

Contact Information:
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