Diplom-Math. Andrea Klee

Andrea Brigitte Klee is a coach, speaker and entrepreneur who offers personal and business development services. In 2012, Andrea received a coaching certificate from business owner and author Barbara Sher. She finds her own personal fulfillment through helping her clients; whether that be supporting them to build their own business or in realizing their dreams.

First and foremost, Andrea graduated with a ‘Diplom’ in Mathematics (the equivalent of a Master’s degree) from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Her thesis was credited with an award for excellence by the German Mathematicians Society. Having majored in Mathematics and minored in Biology, Andrea specialized in convergent and divergent thinking, and in creative problem-solving methods.

Andrea uses this unique skillset to inspire her workshop audiences. She uses exercises which develop the mind, while providing participants with revelatory insights. Using her knowledge in speaking and leadership gained through training with Toastmasters International, she encourages her clients to thrive by exploring fresh and compelling ideas. Andrea shares her expertise with the German Speaker’s Association, collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs to develop their communication and coaching skills, as well as improving their business consultation services.

For many years, Andrea has been taught by the Karate National Trainer at the Sports Club Judokan in Frankfurt. Her role as Shotokan karate instructor and black belt have allowed Andrea to develop new and innovative ideas. Using a Martial Arts mindset, she teaches students essential values, such as respect, integrity and excellence. Andrea appreciates this chance to study and to teach valuable skills, such as holding attention and maintaining focus, as well as mental, physical and emotional strength.